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Maine Landscapes
Ohio Valley
Eastern Europe
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Crumbling, 2021; 24x30 inches

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News and General Updates:

September 9, 2021:   I finished a couple small paintings for the Argosy and I'll be sending those out soon. Working during the day and painting at night has been working out well; it took some time, but I finished up the companion painting for the Plague. That new painting is titled, Crumbling and both are available.

June 4, 2021:   After finishing my degree I landed a great job doing frontend work at Ameritas. I removed the site fork that linked to my React CV and this page is now home again. This is great new as far as art goes; I'll be able to get back into painting once I transition to just work as opposed to work, send resumes, study, pick up new stuff. The Argosy Gallery has a good number of paintings and will have more towards the end of the summer.

January 17, 2021:  Some of you know that I've been finishing my degree the past couple years. With covid19 going on it made sense to double up on classes and finish as quickly as possible. Now that I have my degree I'm finishing up some projects around the house and getting some paint down as much as possible.

November 17, 2020:  Shipping has been open for a couple months and the Argosy Gallery has 6 new paintings and a good number of others. Several more weeks and I'll be done with school; I was really quite fortunate to be able to take 5 needed classes over the summer and make a substitution and pick up a 6th class at Husson this fall.

June 16, 2020:  I've got a small number of paintings waiting for shipment to the Argosy Gallery; international shipping (air) is still closed from Poland to the US. I made a couple boring fixes to this site and had my 100,000th visitor a couple months ago - very exciting. Its looking like my decision to finish school during covid19 was a good idea, but I can't wait to get in front of the easel again.

April 5, 2020:  I hope everyone is well and able to stay safe during this diffilcult time. Paintings can't be sold and shipped right now so I've decided to double up on classes and finish my Computer Science degree this coming fall. I might get a couple weeks here and there to paint, but it depends on how Covid19 plays out.