An auto visionary :)

Some 20 years ago I was freshly out of high school and needing to vent some creativity. I wasn’t painting canvas yet, but did have quite a bit of fun decorating cars that my brother and I owned at various times. Turns out we were having too much fun and the neighbors were getting a tad perturbed. On top of that the police department where I lived was pulling me and anyone who drove the car over on site. After the police towed one of the cars we had enough and called the news. They had to give the car back after deciding it was roadworthy. Good times.

Here is a news bit that is hosted on youtube:

And here are the only other pictures I have of that impala and escort.

That is white latex on the escort there. I was still working through my white phase. I wrecked the car a number of times; I think in the 50s range. Those poles at gas stations always got in the way. Once I got lodged up against the wall in a Wendys drive-thru too – that was particularly embarrassing.

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