Hurricane Surf Acadia National Park

This past September I had the chance to get some work done featuring some of the fringe weather and waves conditions from Post-Tropical Storm Hermine. The surf and cloud bands only lasted a couple days around the 5th, but I got lucky and hit a couple great viewing spots for the waves. There was a mix of fog, clouds, and sun. Below is a collection of pictures with comments on location to enjoy. At the end I put a video that might play in your browser, but I would recommend saving it to your local machine for viewing with VLC or similar.

This and the next 10 or so pictures are from Schoodic Point, Maine. This park is part of Acadia, but is East of Mt. Desert Island. It takes just over an hour to drive from Bar Harbor to Schoodic Point.

Parking lot was almost full – still plenty of room on the point.

This gif is the last of the Schoodic Point, Maine set.

Thunder Hole. The lower viewing area was closed for good reason, but oddly the thunder sound from the larger hurricane waves was no better than standard waves at the correct tide position.

Just down from Thunderhole off the Acadia Park Loop.

Bar Harbor didn’t get the big waves, but I guess this is why its a Harbor. Loved the emerald green water here.

Wonderland. This is a park area near the Bass Harbor Lighthouse. If you take that road (102a) east its only a couple minutes away. The hiking part takes about 15 minutes, but features a very diverse range of Maine scenery. Someday I’ll do a post on just Wonderland.

Seawall. Very aptly named area south of Southwest Harbor. Fog here was fantastic – it was staying just off the ground around the rocks and water. When its clear you can see Great Cranberry Island to the East.

Above is the video. Click and save as or view in browser.

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