Artist Statement for 2021

Artist Bryan Whitehead with son Olek Whitehead

Hello, I'd like to personally welcome you to the Whitehead Gallery.
My goal is to create fine works of art while keeping myself challenged with new ideas, techniques, and subject matter. My medium is oil on canvas and my subjects includes Maine landscapes, midwest landscapes and urban scenes, some eastern European landscapes, and the occasional still life or portrait. I try to be open and creative with my visions and often use a variety of techniques to build compositions. I run the whiteheadgallery as my personal business.

My markets for sales include word of mouth, The Argosy Gallery in Bar Harbor, Maine, this website, and I also sell small works on ebay from time to time. I consider sales and profit second to artistic learning and creative value.

You are encouraged to look around and enjoy whatever art you see and I hope that something I created will inspire feelings, desire, or a need to express yourself.

History and Experience:

I was born in 1973 in Cincinnati, Ohio and excelled with art related activities early on. Later I studied at The University of Cincinnati two separate times; the first time was in 1991-2 to study fine art and art history; the second time was in 1995-2001 to study computer and electrical engineering. Most recently I graduated summa cum laude with a 4.00 at the University of Maine Augusta; that degree is in Information Systems - Software Development.

In 2000 I started painting in my free time and began selling finished works in 2002. At this time I built the first version of the whiteheadgallery website which was based on my previous creative website dating to 1995. In 2003 and 2004 I did some outdoor shows and won the people's choice award at the Wyoming Art show in Ohio. Summers between 2002 and 2009 I studied in Maine and had the chance to do a tremendous amount of painting while getting inspiration from the land and sea. When I moved my studio to Warsaw, Poland in 2007 I became a full time professional artist. Since 2009 I've been selling work at the Argosy Gallery in Bar Harbor and this past 2012 I was the top selling artist there. From 2002 to Jan. 2021 I've completed over 900 paintings with 47 more commissioned works. In 2011 I became a father and juggle being a stay at home dad and painting.

Many thanks for your interest and have fun,

Artist Bryan S. Whitehead