Contact for Bryan Whitehead:
Or if you have skype my username is: bryanwhitehead
I would be honored to have you as a facebook friend as well

My normal studio hours are ~ 9am - 8pm Warsaw time (we are 6 hours ahead of New York).

I am often in the States doing work as well - check my facebook page for information on where I am currently working.

The Shop

Here is my shop in Brooksville, Maine. The second floor is my primary creative area. The location of the building is idea for quick access to a multitude of the finer compositions in Maine. I've been spending the summers here for most of this decade and will continue into the next.


The upstairs of the shop is always changing, but this picture is from 2009. I've painted some of my favorite paintings here as well - there is never a shortage of energy or inspiration.

Fall - Spring Studio Address:

Starting October 2007
Whitehead Gallery
ul. Wasilkowskiego 6/35
02-776 Warsaw
Summer Studio Address:

Bryan Whitehead
Oakland House Cottages by the Side of the Sea
435 Herrick Road - Herricks Landing
Brooksville, Maine 04617